Friday, September 27, 2013

You've Never Had a Hair Color Service Before?

We have a special just in time for fall. We are offering 10 highlight foils for $30. You would really be surprised how 10 little foils can add dimension to your hair. It allows you to experiment with color-without having the commitment that having more highlights entails. The regrowth doesn't show up and if you decide that once was enough then you can just let it grow out without any more visits.

We also have a special that's 15.00 off your hair color/haircut visit. This special runs Monday- Thursday. We can't offer it on Friday or Saturday because it's crazy on those days and we are trying to reward you for coming in during the weekdays. ;)

Do a little homework at home. Find examples on Pinterest or Google Images. Bring those pictures in and during the consultation we discuss how we can achieve that look.

Not all highlights are created equal. You can get a very fine weave done. We pick up a few threads of hair and the result is an overall look of a lighter color without looking like ribbons of hair color.
We can also pick up thicker pieces of hair and it looks more like ribbons of color throughout your natural color. The possibilities are endless. We love color! It can make a subtle change or dramatic- You choose.

Call us 801.404.5205 Tell us when you schedule that you saw this special on our blog. It's that easy. Sorry that we can't combine with other specials.
Expires 11/15/13