Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ombre is Here to Stay

Ombre, Should it stay? Or go?
Ombre (or some version of it) has been one of the most requested color services at Salon on the Ave since the trend became mainstream. Clients have been inspired by all the celebrities that jumped on board with the trend, and who doesn't love the easy grow out?  But like any lasting trend, the look has to evolve to remain current and not look dated.
That being said, we love the direction that ombre is moving into, and if you ask us, we think the look (when done right) is here to stay awhile longer.
2010 versions of ombre…


Note the high contrast of the dark roots and light ends.  The look is basically a dark root shade  and very light ends that meet somewhere below the cheek bone.  The 2 colors slightly smudge together at their meeting point.

Now, let’s view the NEW OMBRE -
hair insp

To create the new ombre look, bring inspiration pics of your favorite hair colors and ask your colorist for balayage  highlights.  Balayage is a French word that means “to sweep”.  When you get balayage highlights,  your colorist will hand paint select pieces of hair resulting in a totally custom hair color effect that accents the shape and movement of your haircut.  Since the highlights are expertly placed, and so softly diffused at the root area, the regrowth ends up being less harsh than other highlighting techniques.
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