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The loose curl hairstyle is still a hot trend! Luckily it is one of the easiest styles to do! As a Hairstylist I'm doing hair all day long, so when it comes to my own hair.... I get a little bit lazy :/ So this is one of my go to hairstyles. From wet head to dried perfection takes me about 15 min. (time will vary depending on how long it takes your hair to dry). So here goes the loose curl tutorial!

prepping hair for curling:

  1. Wash hair, Towel-dry and comb hair out.
  2. Prepping hair for the style is very important. using the right products are extremely important! (but we will save that for another post ;) the products i use in my hair are It's a 10 leave-in conditioner, heat Seal (to protect against heat damage) and Paul Mitchell the cream (for extra hold).
  3. Flip hair over your head and blow dry straight. Hair must be completely dry for this look to work. Blow cold air at the roots to add volume (cold air locks in a style)

curling Process:
For a more relaxed look: Don't hold the iron on your hair as long and avoid curling the tips.  For a more curled look: Leave the iron your hair longer and curl the tips.

Let your hair cool completely

Next make sure you brush through your hair with your fingers or a comb to break up the Perfect Curl Look

Lastly,  Spray with Hair Spray!

pretty loose curls
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